Dog Profiles

Adult Dogs - 3 to 7 Years
Adult dogs are mature, confident and knowledgeable. They need plenty of exercise and lots of attention. It’s important that adequate exercise, training and socializing is still provided.
- Still have lots of energy to burn
- Exercise and social needs not being met at home – not every day
- Come to daycare so that owners will get a break  – dog is happy, content, & exercised
- Owners rely on Canine Campus to reinforce manners/ training
Social skills maintained through pack participation
This age group is still very active even though they have passed through the adolescent phase. They still require an outlet to release their energy through play in a supervised setting. Exercise, training and socializing is provided during their pack-like playgroups. Some dogs within the adult group have natural mothering or fathering instincts. So, this group is sometimes mixed with puppies or younger dogs. They teach the younger ones appropriate greetings and respectful play and behaviour around the adult dogs in a group setting. Some even become like a favourite aunts or uncles and form relationship that are beneficial to both dogs physically and mentally.