Dog Daycare

Our Playgroups

At Canine Campus we arrange the dog’s play and exercise activities into playgroups. Our playgroups are designed for puppies, adolescent dogs, adult dogs and even our senior dog members. Playgroups are structured play sessions where dogs play off-leash in smaller groups with other dogs that have the same type of play style and/or are of the same age or size. Some typical play styles include fetching, wrestling and games of chase.

During the day the dogs are rotated through these indoor and outdoor playgroups with rest periods in between. The dogs play enthusiastically during their groups and the rest time ensures that they are rejuvenated and calm before their next round of play. Canine Campus employees understand and recognize canine body language and are knowledgeable in identifying different types of dog behaviour. All of our group play is hands-on and supervised.


Dogs with Behaviour Issues

Dogs are very social animals and without proper socialization and positive experiences as a puppy they can develop separation anxiety, destructiveness and issues with other dogs. This is true for all types of dogs and all dog breeds, large or small, old or young. These dogs will need to improve their social skills with consistent training and continued social interaction - canine to canine as well as human to canine. We have different programs available to help with behaviour issues. Please contact us for more information.

Daycare Requirements

- Dogs must be healthy with no communicable conditions

- Up-to-date vaccinations and records are required

- Tick, flea and lice program

- Adult dogs must be spayed or neutered after 1 year


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