Dog Profiles

Adolescent Dogs - 1 to 4Years

Adolescent dogs are teenage-like in attitude and may be hyper, inattentive and exasperating! They have endless amounts of energy to burn and require obedience training, exercise and social interaction.

- May still have destructive tendencies when left alone
- Require social interaction to combat boredom and destructive behavior
- They have endless amounts of energy to burn and require lots of exercise
- Come to daycare so that owners will get a break – a tired dog is a well-behaved dog
- Need calm and consistent leadership and training

Canine Campus provides the active teenage-like dog with structured and supervised playgroups. This group is very active and requires an outlet to release their energy in a supervised setting. Manners and appropriate play with strong leadership is provided by staff members who are experienced in dog behaviour and recognize dog body language. Groups are kept small with time-outs and rest breaks ensuring that appropriate levels of excitement are kept in check. Dogs within this playgroup have fun as they release and burn off their energy in a positive structured environment.