Dog Profiles

Senior Dogs - 8+ Years

Senior dogs are calm, gentle, and easy to be around. Separation anxiety or other behaviour issues can possibly develop at this age, even to dogs that may have previously been independent. Socializing with people and other dogs can be very beneficial to building and maintaining their sense of well-being.

- May have medical issuesSometimes behavior issues like separation anxiety
- Require more interaction with staff and volunteers
- May not be as playful, but participation within the pack is still very  important  to them
- Daycare beneficial to building and maintaining their sense of well-being
- Help staff with teaching vauable life skills to the younger dogs

Senior dogs benefit from socializing and maintaining a feeling of belonging in a daycare setting. While not as active physically, mental stimulation is still very important to an older dogs well-being. They get a feeling of belonging and help staff members teach younger dog’s appropriate behaviour around senior members – a very necessary and important life skill for puppies, adolescents and even some adult dogs!